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Liverpool Wasp Control

Liverpool Wasp Control wasp nest treatment and removal service £45.00 fixed price no extra for a single wasps nest, pest control treatment. For any additional wasp nests that require treating while we are on site will only charged at an additional rate of £10.00.

Removing a wasp nest can be a tricky and dangerous process, whilst there are ways to attack wasp nests by yourself it is rarely advisable to do so as wasps become extremely aggressive when attacked and their sting can easily penetrate everyday clothing a safe wasps nest removal requires professional expertise and at Liverpool wasp control we have that professional expertise on hand 24/7.

There are two species of wasp native to Liverpool and the UK, and several other European species have also been recorded here. You will often find wasps nests may be suspended from trees, nest boxes, rafters and dormer windows.

The right clothing and the right protection are critical when safely removing a wasp nest. Wasp nest treatments can help prevent the consequences of a wasp sting, consequences that can range from discomfort to hospitalisation.

If we don’t get the Wasps on the first treatment we will not charge for a second treatment.

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What if Honey Bees are found!

This site is exclusively for wasp nest treatment only. Honey Bees are an endangered species, and can be very problematic to treat, therefore will only be treated in extreme circumstances only. Because of the difficulties in treating honey bees, the cost of treatment is much higher than treating wasp nest. The treatment cost for a Honey Bee nest can start from £70.00 per nest. In the event one of our pest engineers finds a Honey Bee Nest, instead of a Wasp nets, the customer will be notified, and advised of the discovery and the cost related to the treatment of the Honey Bee Nest.

Please read our terms before booking.

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