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Wasp Treatment:

The hornet (vespa crabro) Wasp

Liverpool Pest Service wasp control Liverpool, offer a professional wasp nest treatment program covering Liverpool and Merseyside. Our wasp nest treatment service starts at a fixed price of £45.00 and all additional nest found during the visit will be treated at a cost £10.00.  We offer a 24 hour 7 days a week service, with no extra charge for weekends.  We ensure that your wasp problem is resolved efficiently and effectively, and the wasp nest treatment is 100% effective. Liverpool Wasp Control for wasp control are unlike other large pest control companies such as Rentokil and we guarantee your call will be answered by a person and not by a machine. Contact Liverpool Wasp Control for effective wasp nest treatment and control 24 hours, 7days a week.

Although in some respect wasps may be regarded as beneficial, in general wasps and hornets are seen as nuisance pests or a threat to health and will sting without provocation. This can result in an anabolic shock reaction. Liverpool Wasp Control wasps control Liverpool, have an environmentally friendly approach to wasps treatment and where possible the process will be carried out humanly. We cover Liverpool and Merseyside for wasp nest treatment and irradiation, with a same day service.

They feed on fruits e.g. apples, pears and plums although they are regarded as scavengers extending the damage caused by other pests and diseases. The need to collect wood to construct nests means that wasps may damage the wooden fabric of buildings, fences and even perhaps garden furniture.

Wasps are a particular nuisance at the end of the summer when the workers are freed of the need to collect proteinaceous foods for their young and can indulge their passion for sweet materials e.g. jam and syrup. They cause a nuisance when they enter kitchens, bakeries and other premises handling sweet aromatic materials. Foodstuffs can be contaminated and staff will be disturbed or even stung. Where wasp densities are high and a real threat is perceived, production in workplaces can be halted.

It is the ability of wasps to cause painful stings that concerns most people. Unexplained road accidents have sometimes been attributed to the distraction of drivers by wasps. They are not regarded as particularly aggressive and the ability to sting is employed by the social wasps to defend their nests. The sting is caused by the injection of venom into the victim by means of the modified ovipositor of the females. Unlike the sting of bees the wasp sting can be withdrawn from the victim. The venom is haemolytic, haemorrhagic and neurotoxic. Histamine is also present which causes the redness, flare and weal in skin. Liverpool wasp control will treat your problem.

Wasp stings around the throat may lead to respiratory obstruction. Alternatively they may be directly toxic causing faintness, respiratory difficulty, vomiting, diarrhoea and perhaps urticaria. These are only likely to appear following a mass attack. The main hazard is the risk of anaphylactic shock arising from repeated stings or even a single one which may lead to death.

Symptoms may appear rapidly and include respiratory distress, faintness, an itching rash, swelling of the face and vomiting with abdominal pain, cramp or diarrhoea. Medical assistance should be sought immediately where anaphylactic shock is suspected. Stings can be treated with a cold compress and antihistamine creams applied within twenty minutes of stinging. A suitable antiseptic cream should also be rubbed into the skin to prevent infection.

Nests are located underground, in buildings, trees or bushes and constructed of wasp paper made by chewing wood and other plant debris with saliva. First a canopy is fixed to the top of the nest location and then a central pedicel from which the nest is suspended. The queen then builds a layer of hexagonal downward-facing cells radically from the pedicel. Layers of wasp paper envelop the nest providing protection from the elements and conserving heat.

Liverpool Wasp Control is Liverpool's premier Wasp Nest treatment and general pest control company. For more info control Liverpool wasp control and general Pest Control on 0151 321 0255.


Appearance: Similar to a wasp although much larger and darker brown and yellow in colour, rather than black and yellow.

Size: Queens can reach sizes of 40mm, while workers are smaller measuring 18 - 25mm and males (drones) measure 21 – 28mm.


Lifespan: Queens live for around one year, while workers survive for 3 – 4 weeks.

Diet: Mainly insects and spiders. The queen will also eat nectar, treesap and windfall fruit to supplement her diet.

Family: Vespidae

Identifying Hornets & Wasps:

The bright yellow and black striping of wasps and hornets is a warning pattern that has been mimicked by many insects to take advantage of the deterrent effect of appearing wasp like. These harmless mimics include hover-flies, day moths (such as the Ash Borer) and beetles that visit flowers to feed on pollen and nectar.

The wasps most often encountered in the UK are the Common or Social Wasp and the German Wasp. As well as distinctive black and yellow stripes, wasps have two pairs of wings (the hind wings being smaller than the fore wings) and tend to be less hairy than bees. Their eyes are kidney shaped and their bodies are more pointed than bees, with a noticeable waist. Only female wasps have the long distinctive stinger, which they can use repeatedly unlike bees.

Yellow Jackets/Wasp in Liverpool and Merseyside eat spiders and insects. They will also feed on human food, especially meats and sweets. Unlike Bees, Wasps do not make honey or store food.


Wasp and Hornet swarms are dangerous - if in any doubt, seek professional, expert help.
Liverpool Wasp Control - Pest Control offers a same day call-out service to safely destroy Hornets and Wasps Nests within your home or garden. The service is fast, effective and affordable at a fixed price of £39.50 for the first nest and £10.00 for any additional nest.

Wasp Control

It is very important that you call in Pest Control experts to handle the infestation in a safe and effective way. Liverpool Wasp Control can help get your wasp infestation under control, and help you to maintain an environment that is wasp-free. Whatever problem you are facing, Liverpool Wasp Control have the necessary equipment to deal with it in a professional way.

Wasp Control Experts

Our team are highly trained pest controllers, and are able to deal with many types of wasp infestations or problems. We treat wasps nets at a fixed price of £45.00, with a same day service. We have perfected our highly effective methods for eradicating Wasp.

Contact Liverpool Wasp Control  provide a safe and reliable wasps control service to help you deal with wasp problems.

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